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Russian Language Preparatory Course

About the programme:

  1. During the course participants will be able to improve their language skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) and adapt to the new educational environment.
  2. Apart from Russian language, students study professional disciplines in accordance with the chosen major.
  3. The combination of theory with practice-oriented education will help students develop a number of skills in Russian language (speaking, reading, writing, listening comprehension as well as presentation, communicative and intercultural competences).

The programme is aimed at mastering the following language aspects:

  • Russian grammar
  • listening comprehesion
  • oral communication
  • public speaking and presentations
  • participation in seminars
  • writing essays and reports.

The programme’s target audience:

  1. Foreign citizens who have got secondary education and would like to enter HSE-Nizhny Novgorod.
  2. Citizens of the Russian Federation and people without citizenship for whom Russian is not a native language and who would like to improve their knowledge of Russian and/or enter HSE-Nizhny Novgorod.

The programme will provide participants with knowledge of Russian Language at the 1st certified level B1 – general knowledge that would them to pass TRKI-1 exam. On completion of studies and after successful passing of the exam on Russian language, students get a certificate of HSE - Nizhny Novgorod. 

The course thematic plan:

  1. Phonetics and graphics
  2. Grammar course at elementary level
  3. Grammar course at basic and 1st certified level
  4. Practising spoken language

The main part of the program is devoted to the study of the Russian language. Lessons on the history of Russian culture are implemented through the Practising spoken language on the Russian culture material. Lessons on history, geography, mathematics and computer science are included in the program as part of the study of the scientific language.

Curriculum load – 2508 hours (1008 in-class hours). 

Length of studies – 10 months. 

The studies are planned for weekdays (Monday – Friday). 

Number of students in a group: 8 – 18. 

Tuition fee: 100 000 rubles. Tuition does not include accommodation and/or medical insurance. Payment by installments is possible (up to four payment phases).

On successful completion of  the programme 'Preparatory Course on Russian Language' international students will get a 25% discount for the whole period of full-degree studies at HSE.

Please note: we do not offer accommodation. You have to arrange it yourself. It is important, that the owner of the flat you plan to rent registers you upon arrival.