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Russian Language Preparatory Course. А1. А2. В1. В2

The Russian language at HSE - Nizhny Novgorod is a set of courses with the highest quality of training. We provide our students with the solid knowledge and prepare them for admission to the bachelor and master programmes in the Russian universities.

We offer a unique outstanding programme adjusted to the needs of each student. There are no small things for us! The interesting lessons and a comfortable, friendly atmosphere of one of the best universities in the country will allow you to learn Russian as quickly as possible.

Choose your programme:

Russian Language Courses

Offline or online

Practical Course (18 months, from March 2023)

Basic Course (9 months, from September 2023)

Intensive Course (6 months, from December 2023)

Survival Russian (5 months, from March 2023)

Summer School


Our courses include:

  • entrance testing
  • language training for your future major
  • individual consultations
  • excursions
  • participation in competitions
  • participation in scientific conferences
  • language partnership
  • preparation for the Russian Language Certification exam
  • final testing (similar to TORFL)

Tuition fee does not cover living costs, travel and health insurance. 

Upon successful completion of the Russian Language Preparatory Programme international students will be able to get a 25% reduction of the tuition fees for degree programmes at HSE – Nizhny Novgorod (except master’s degree programme in Global Business and master’s degree programme in Computer Vision).

What do we offer?

  • Experienced, attentive, supportive teachers.
  • An innovative scientific school.
  • Best methods of language teaching.
  • Programmes, courses, and subjects to choose from.
  • Constant communication with native speakers of the Russian language.
  • Extracurricular activities (excursions, conferences, workshops, holidays, tours, speaking clubs).
  • A quiet, safe city with a European lifestyle.
  • A cozy hostel with the excellent room design.


International students can apply to stay in the HSE - Nizhny Novgorod Dormitorty №2. Detailed information about the hostel can be found on our website.

The cost of living is 10 000 rubles per month.

Additional Subjects (according to student's preferences)


If you need a special course to revise school subjects and pass entrance examinations to the University, we offer three academic tracks:

How to Apply?

  • Step  1:  Application

    Apply for the Russian Language Course online.

  • Step  2:  Acceptance

    If your application is successful, you will receive a letter of acceptance from HSE - Nizhny Novgorod by email.

  • Step  3:  Invitation and Visa

    If you need a visa to study in Russia, the university will issue you an invitation and send it to you by email. After receiving the invitation, you will be able to apply for a Russian visa.

    Read more about the invitation and visa process on our website.

  • Step  4:  Prepare for your departure

    After you get Russian visa, you can buy tickets and book accommodation in Nizhny Novgorod.

  • Step  5:  Arrival at Nizhny Novgorod

    You need to arrive at Nizhny Novgorod before the start of the course. The earliest possible date of entry into the Russian Federation is indicated on your visa. Please inform us in advance of your arrival by filling out the online form.

Apply Now


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