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Mergers, Acquisitions and Companies Restructuring

Course description:

This course is focused on key theoretic and applied issues concerning M&A and restructurings deals. It gives the outline of mergers and diverstitures’ motives: both fundamental and behavioral; factors of value creation; company’s choice and valuation for M&A purposes; deals financing, etc. The course is especially useful for those who are planning to work as financial consultants and analytics to develop improve and evaluate the economic efficiency of corporate strategy.

Instructor:Khvostova I.E.

Credit points:4

Faculty: Faculty of Economics

Language: Russian

Level: Master

Academic hours: 48


1.     Basic definitions of mergers and acquisitions deals. M&A classification.

2.     Theories explaining M&A deals. Key motives of M&A.

3.     M&A waves in Russia and abroad.

4.     Building of a corporate strategy of external growth through mergers and acquisitions. Wheel of opportunity & Fit chart approach.

5.     Valuation of deal’s efficiency.

6.     Financing issues.

7.     Due Diligens. Integration after a merger.

8.     Hostile takeovers’: takeover tactics and antitakeover measures.

9.     Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances.

10. Corporate restructurings.


1.                 Gaughan, Patrick A. (2010). Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructurings. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 5th ed.

2.                 Reed, Stanley Foster; Lajoux, Alexandra and Nesvold, H. Peter. (2007)The Art of M&A: A Merger Acquisition Buyout Guide. McGraw-Hill, 4th ed.

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