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History and Culture of the USA

Academic Year
Instruction in Russian
ECTS credits
Delivered at:
School of Literature and Intercultural Communication
Course type:
Elective course
1 year, 1, 2 module


Программа дисциплины


In the course of mastering the discipline of US History and Culture students will learn about the most prominent personalities and ideas that influenced American values, beliefs and myths in a historical perspective. In addition, students will master the skills of working with different types of sources on US history and culture (historical, literary, artistic and related to popular culture), will learn to analyze the origins and development of major American institutions and values.
Цель освоения дисциплины

Цель освоения дисциплины

  • Mastering linguistic and cultural competence of students by familiarizing them with the history, geographical location, features of social and political life, culture, traditions and customs of the United States of America.
Планируемые результаты обучения

Планируемые результаты обучения

  • Develop skills of reading techniques for understanding articles on general, academic and professional topics
  • Obtain additional sophisticated knowledge in the sphere of culture studies, history and intercultural communication
  • Get the skills to find, select and give a brief analysis of the useful data, and present a fully developed argumentation- oral ( discussions\reports) and written
  • Improve strategies of speaking on professional topics, enhance presentation skills
  • Work effectively with authentic audible or written materials
Содержание учебной дисциплины

Содержание учебной дисциплины

  • 1. Geography, population
  • 2. Politics
  • 3. Discovery of America
  • 4. War of Independence
  • 5. Civil War. Slavery. Golden Rush
  • 6. America in the XXth century
  • 7. American English
  • 8. American customs
  • 9. American media
  • 10. American national cultural world
Элементы контроля

Элементы контроля

  • неблокирующий Test on lectures
    Тест состоит из 10 вопросов по материалам лекций и семинаров. 1 полностью верный ответ вопрос – 1 балл. Наполовину правильные ответы не засчитываются.
  • неблокирующий Seminar results
    Reports, seminar answers, tests
  • неблокирующий Project
    Final project on important American events or historical figures
Промежуточная аттестация

Промежуточная аттестация

  • 2023/2024 учебный год 2 модуль
    0.3 * Project + 0.25 * Seminar results + 0.25 * Seminar results + 0.2 * Test on lectures
Список литературы

Список литературы

Рекомендуемая основная литература

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Рекомендуемая дополнительная литература

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