Rules and Regulations

1.       Residents are required to keep their rooms neat and clean.

2.       Littering is prohibited and residents should dispose of their trash in designated areas. 

3.       Music or noise produced from any electrical appliances is only allowed from 9.00 a.m. until 11.00 p.m., provided that it does not disturb other residents. 

4.       Cooking in rooms is prohibited.

5.       No heat-producing electrical appliances are permitted in dormitory rooms (including electrical stoves, boilers, coffee-machines, irons, etc.).

6.       Inflammable and explosive objects are prohibited in the rooms and shall be confiscated if found.  

7.       Smoking, alcoholic drinks or drug use are prohibited.

8.       Pets are not allowed in the dormitory.

Dormitory Internal Regulations

For more information on housing, please contact the International Relations Office.