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Café & Restaurants around HSE and around the city

Chokoladnitsa (Шоколадница)

  • Pl. Minina i Pozharskogo, 11

In addition to house specialties like stuffed pancakes and cakes, the menu includes snacks and sandwiches, as well as soups and salads. You can get a good breakfast for about 300-350 roubles ($10-12), and a more substantial lunch costs about 500 roubles ($16). However, during the week, these cafes have special  breakfast and lunch deals.

Mc Donald`s
  1. Pl. Revolyutsii, 5
  2. Pl. Maksima Gorkogo, 2
  3. Rodionova St, 165 corpus13
  4. pr. Gagarina, 105а
  5. Moskovskoye sh., 12
  6. pr. Lenina, 66


  • Bolshaya Pokrovskaya St, 47

Tjubetejka (Тюбетейка)

  • Rozhdestvenskaya St, 45, Nizhny Novgorod

Every word in Tjubetejka  includes the philosophy and beauty of Eastern countries:  Tjubetejka, located along the embankment of the river Oka, is a café which includes the philosophy and beauty of Eastern countries: there you can eat Eastern dishes, such as soups, salads and shashlyk.

Bill~300 rubles

Italian food

Pronto pizza e pasta

  • Izhorskaya St., house 4

A very good menu with 18 variety of pizzas, 14 of pasta and all other Italian dishes such as lasagna, risotto, tortellini and ravioli is available to you in this gorgeous restaurant.

Bill~400 rubles


  • Alekseevskaya St., 10/16

Today Bocconcino - popular pizza chain with exceptional home cooking and warm atmosphere of the place where fond memories are born and where you always want to return. This pizza on thin dough with a crispy crust, cooked in the original wood stove, delicious homemade pasta, plenty of choice meats and seafood, and wide map of Italian vintages - all this can not be faked, you can only play carefully, relying on the best recipes and traditions of Italy.

Café Biblioteka (Кафе Библиотека)

  •  Bol`shaja Pokrovskaja St, 46

A nice Italian restaurant with vivid atmosphere and charming music, always fresh home-made food and moderate prices. 20% discount if you order before 3 p.m. on week days

Bill~ 500 rubles

La cantinetta da Roberto 

  • Rozhdestvenskaya St, 45В

La Cantinetta da Roberto is a cosy and warm restaurant in which guests can breathe the spirit of Italy. You can go there and enjoy your time with friends, drinking a cup of coffee or tasting food during the business lunch. You can taste some snacks such as cheese with rocket and red onion, salads, soups, pasta and risotto (for example, Penne Del Fattore), pizza (as the tasting one La cantinetta), bread, hot dishes of fish or of meat and deserts.

Moloko cherdak (Молоко Чердак

  • Verkhnepecherskaya St., 14B

This café with a beautiful and modern setting and nice people, offers a wide options of food and drinks. There you can spend your time, smoking hookah with your friends.

Bill~800 rubles

Moloko Friday (Молоко Friday)

  • corpus. 13, Rodionova St., 165

Café «Moloko Friday» is situated near the medical center «EaseMed», in the shopping center «Ganza».  There you can enjoy your time with friends. The menu includes refined dishes of meat and fish, desserts and dishes of the Japan cusine. There it is possible to play billiards, too. Further information can be found in the social network: http://vk.com/moloko_friday.

Ochag (Очаг

  • Bolshaya Pokrovskaya St, 44в

The café Ochag was found in 1997 and is situated in the center of the city in the main street. Here you can relax in three different rooms, two for 25 people and one for 60. Inside the natural and artificial stone, wood, the special illumination of the ceiling and walls, the furniture of metal make the cafe resemblance to a medieval castle.

Pjatkin (Пяткин)

  • Rozhdestvenskaya St, 25

When going into Pjatkin, you feel as if you are in another century. The atmosphere is unique, as you can sit on a comfortable armchair and look out of the window to the Rozhdestvenskaya Street. There you can go in order to taste the traditional Russian cuisine or simply to drink a liqueur of their own production.

Bezuchov (Безухов)

  • Rozhdestvenskaya St, house 6

A literature café and one of the most outstanding place of the city. Meetings with artists, books presentation, concerts and parties occur regularly.

Anglijskoe posolstvo (Английское посольство

  • Zvezdinka St., 12

To start magnificently your day we recommend you to taste the traditional English breakfast with eggs and bacon or the continental European breakfast with «сrock-messe»  and «crock-madame». For lunch with collegues we offer you our business-lunch. And in the evening and in the weekends posol`stvo it changes into a cosy restaurant, where the food is home-made. 

Rock bar (Рок-бар)

  • Piskunova St, 11

Rock bar offers a wide menu combining food and drinking at a very economic price (150 rubles). During the week, from 12 to 16 pm Rock bar presents a rock lunch, while in the evening it becomes a location where you can listen to live music, dance and drink a wide range of cocktails and beers.

Traveler`s coffee 

  • Bolshaya Pokrovskaya St, 20в

In that welcoming location, foreigners can taste some traditional Russian dishes, among these bliny with meat or with salmon, sandwiches, and a great variety of  desserts. It is an economic place, situated in the center of the city.

Volkonsij (Волконский)

  • Piskunova St.,34

The first company in Russia and Ukraine of traditional bakery, which uses natural products and traditional recipes. There it is possible to taste French croissants and Ukrainian Paljanica, Russian pirozhki and soviet trubochka with cream.

Shtolle (Штолле

  • Ilyinskaya St, 98; Minina i Pozharskogo Square, 2/2

A place where pirogi are very tasteful and there are different types of flavours, pirogi are both savory and sweet. Moreover the atmosphere is pleasing and all dishes are served quickly.

Chachapuri (Хачапури)

  • Rozhdestvenskaya St., 39

A new Georgian restaurant, offering many dishes from flat bread to deserts, passing through three types of pies filled with cheese (chachapuri), spicy Georgian meat and vegetable soup (charcho) and many variants of meat.


  • Oktyabrskaya St., 6 (Bolshaya Pokrovskaya)

The unique place where people can taste real meatballs, made of pork or chicken and prepared with a sauce in a sandwich or with side dishes. All the delicious food can be accompanied with beer, coke, coffee or tea. It is the ideal place where to have breakfast or lunch. It works from 12 to 22 pm.

Bill~150 rubles

Sovok (Совок

  • Bolshaya Pokrovskaya St, 2

A café in the Soviet style whose a menu on the wall proposes the homemade noodle soup, cacao and waffles with different fillings at a very economic price. Although the little space inside the café, the atmosphere is pleasant, as well as the music.