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Regular version of the site

HSE Digital Services

HSE Student E-mail

http://edumail.hse.ru или http://mail.office365.com

HSE University provides all students with a corporate e-mail address (automatically generated) for the entire period of their studies here. This e-mail address is used by HSE University to send official information to students.

During your stay at the University, all e-mails and notifications from teachers and Programme Offices will be sent to your HSE e-mail address only. We kindly ask that you check it daily.

LMS (Learning Management System)


The Learning Management System (LMS) is HSE University’s educational space, which connects instructors with their students. Teachers upload course materials, tests and tasks to LMS, where student can then access them. Students, in turn, can submit their homework or questions to teachers.

When forming a corporate email address, information about the login and password is sent to each student's personal email. If the student has not received it, it is necessary to contact the Programme Office.


Your login: your HSE e-mail address

Initial password: combination of numbers and letters sent to the personal email

*The system will request that you change this initial password for a new one after your first login.

In your personal LMS account, you will only see courses for which you are registered.

Please check your LMS account regularly. You can also set up your LMS account so that  notifications of all changes in the study process are sent to your HSE e-mail account.

If you have any questions about LMS, please contact LMS Support lms@hse.ru .



HSE keeps pace with the times and actively develops digital services. Therefore, we have developed SmartLMS - the next generation of the LMS information management system, which supports all modern online learning formats. SmartLMS has a number of additional functions and is adapted for mobile devices. Any type of content can be loaded into the system: text (including PDF and XLS), images, presentations, tests and courses, videos. SmartLMS makes it possible to easily embed a variety of tools: simulators, proctoring, etc.

Unified Personal Account of the HSE / SmartPoint


The Unified personal account is the University's unified information and services space. 

HSE University students can log into their Unified personal accounts by using their login (login@hse.ru) and their password. 

More detailed information about your Unified personal account can be found at this link: https://it.hse.ru/lk.

Schedule online


HSE has a centralized system for scheduling class schedules. Here you can find out the current schedule of classes and exams. You do not need any special steps to install the system: you only need a computer or mobile device and Internet access.

Mobile Application HSE App X

Here you will find the schedule and deadlines.

Apple Store

Google Play

If you have any difficulties using the HSE digital services, you can contact the digital support service for international students "Digital Buddies"


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