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Public transport in Niznhy Novgorod include: Metro, Bus, Street car, Trolleybus, Marshrutka (jitneys, shared taxi)

Nizhny Novgorod Public Transport Specialities:

  • You can pay your ticket inside the transport to a driver
  • Boarding and getting out is allowed to/from any door
  • Municipal buses as well as trams and trolleybuses stop at all the stops
  • Marshrutkas stop only by passenger's request (sound call (one call for a front door, two calls for a back door) from inside and waving down from outside (bus stops))
  • Fine is stipulated in case of ticketless passage (controllers work at the lines)
  • There are few night routes.
  • The number 2 tram, 2 bus, or 2 marshrutka go to different places. 
  • While on the bus, you should be prepared for someone to pass you money.  They aren't being generous, they want you to continue passing their money up until it reaches the driver or the conductor.  Sometimes they will just tap your shoulder, other times they will say "peredaite" or pass this forward.  Just take the money and do the same thing to someone in front of you.  If this happens to you remember who gave you the money as you have to pass them back the ticket.  If you can't reach the conductor or driver, feel free to do this, it's very normal and the easiest way to pay on a crowded bus.


A one-trip ticket for any public transport costs 20 rubles.

Marshrutka №71 or marshrutka “Kargin” (the same itinarary) costs 15 rubles per a one-trip ticket.
All students can get a Student Travel card.

Hours of Work of Public Transport

Hours of work can be slightly updated by the transporters so be aware and make sure additionally in case of importance

Buses: 05:30 - 23:00

Marshrutkas: 04:50 - 23:40

Trams: 06:00 - 23:00

Trolleybuses: 06:00 - 23:00

Metro: 05:30 - 00:10

Public transport routes:



Metro entrances are marked with a large red letter 'M'.  Nizhny Novgorod metro system has got 2 lines, 14 stations

Basic rules for using the metro safely:

  • On escalators: stand on the right side, pass on the left side holding the handrail; stand behind the protective strip, never lean against motionless parts. Never sit or place objects on the stairs of escalators, run along them or walk on an idle escalator.
  • On platforms: stand away from the platform edge until the train stops completely, and after it stops completely, clear the space at the car doors to let passengers depart. Never descend onto the metro tracks or put items on them.
  • In cars: do not lean against car doors, or open them while moving, allow passengers to enter and exit the train. Do not use the 'passenger – metro driver' intercom system unless necessary. Never place luggage on seats.

Staff in Metro ticket offices rarely speak English. Learn numbers!
Students are eligible for discounted travel passes.

Please contact International Students Office for more information on how to obtain such a card.


We highly recommend that you use official registered taxi services. While there are illegal taxis in Nizhny that offer a cheaper alternative, we strongly advise against using them. It might be unsafe. Note that if you plan to get reimbursement from the HSE for taxi services, only official taxis provide receipts that will allow it. Here are some registered taxi services:

Let the operator know that you will be needing a receipt for the Accounting department if you wish to be reimbursed.

Cable car to Bor town

It is truly useful for those who have to travel from Bor to Nizhny to study or to work, but is also very popular among tourists as it allows to enjoy the exciting view to the river and the city

One-trip ticket costs 90 rubles

Map of the HSE Buildings