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The interdisciplinary conference is aimed at the exchange of Russian and foreign experience on a wide spectrum of problems related to cultural transfer and the development of human capital as factors of the society civilizational growth and an innovative economy.

The Conference is a three-day online event. The Conference will host plenary sessions with the talks given by the distinguished Russian and foreign scientists, as well as round tables, and breakout sessions. The Conference will be attended by representatives of government authorities, business, Russian and foreign experts. The Conference languages are: Russian, English, German and French.

The conference is included in the Event program of celebration the 800th anniversary of the city of Nizhny Novgorod in 2021.

About the Conference

The concept of "Cultural Transfer" is based on the ideas of transnational material and ideological exchange, global flows and the mutual influence of worldviews. Nizhny Novgorod has historically been a territory of cultural transfer, first as a border town, and later as the founding city and coordinator of the largest trade event of the Russian Empire, the Nizhny Novgorod Fair, and the keeper of its traditions. In the twentieth century, the development of the city as a major center of industry and education contributed to the maintenance of the phenomenon of the Nizhny Novgorod cultural transfer.

Founded in 1996, the Nizhny Novgorod campus of the Higher School of Economics, over 25 years of its development, not only establishes high modern educational standards, but also demonstrates an example of multi-vector interactions of higher education with institutions of business, industry, culture, and government at the regional and federal levels. The mutual transfer of ideas and solutions is based on the principles of openness to new trends in society, economy, science and technology, the foundation of which was laid by the age-old traditions of Nizhny Novgorod entrepreneurship and innovation.

Conference Chairs

Ivan Prostakov

Vice Rector of the Higher School of Economics

Valery Zusman

Academic Supervisor of the NRU HSE Branch - Nizhny Novgorod

Key Speakers

Prof. Eric S. Maskin

(Harvard University, USA): Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics

Prof. Michel Espagne

(Higher Normal School and CNRS, Paris, France): one of the creators of the "Cultural Transfer" (transferts culturels) concept, Head of the research laboratory "Cultural transfers" at the Higher Normal School, member of the National Center for Social Research of France (CNRS)

Fuad T. Aleskerov

(Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia): Director of the International Centre of Decision Choice and Analysis

Panos M. Pardalos

(University of Florida, USA) - Professor Emeritus, Scientific Director of the International Laboratory for Algorithms and Technologies for Network Analysis (LATAS), NRU HSE-Nizhny Novgorod


Conference secretary

Dr. Alexander Kozlov

E-mail: akozlov@hse.ru

Mobile phone: +7 910 3879095