Summer School

A unique author's programme will allow you to master Russian and achieve the next language level! You will see real Russia – so different, bright, generous and mysterious.

  • 8th July - 5th August
  • On campus
  • Certificate

About the Course

You will visit the youth capital of Russia, see the main sights, taste traditional Russian dishes and admire the unforgettable sunsets of Nizhny Novgorod!

The summer school is an in-person one-month Russian course in Nizhny Novgorod.
The course covers four study days a week (Monday–Thursday) from 9AM to 2PM with a lunch break.

The Russian language at HSE Nizhny Novgorod is the highest quality of education, solid knowledge and preparation for admission to bachelor's and master's programmes at Russian universities.



High-quality education


Deep immersion into Russian culture


Ability to communicate with native speakers in everyday situations

Learning Outcomes

1. Know basics of phonetic, grammatical and lexical structure of the Russian language.

2. Understand the content of statements on various topics

3. Be able to communicate with native speakers in everyday situations

4. Create oral and written texts up to 100 words in length

Course Curriculum

Module 1 (9 academic hours)

Module 2 (9 academic hours)

Module 3 (8 academic hours)

Module 4 (8 academic hours)

Module 5 (9 academic hours)

Module 6 (9 academic hours)

Module 7 (8 academic hours)

Module 8 (8 academic hours)

Module 9 (9 academic hours)

Module 10 (9 academic hours)

Module 11 (8 academic hours)

Module 12 (8 academic hours)

Module 13 (9 academic hours)

Module 14 (9 academic hours)

Module 15 (8 academic hours)

Module 16 (8 academic hours)


Vygovskaya Natalia

Head of the Russian Language Centre

Zotova Lada

Russian Language Teacher

Makarova Irina

Russian Language Teacher

Grushko Ksenia

Russian Language Teacher

Graduation Document

standard HSE University certificate


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Entry requirements

A0 level of Russian or higher, completed high school education.

Category of students



8th July 2024 – 5th August 2024

Cost and Conditions

45 000 ₽

Additional costs: visa costs, accommodation, medical insurance


10 500 ₽ per month

Accommodation costs (at an additional cost)




603000 Nizhny Novgorod,
2 Kostina st, room 111

TEL.: +78314367409 (add. 6227, 6236)