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Academic English Writing

Academic Writing

Course description:

The aim of the course is to teach academic writing and presentation skills. The course includes essentials of critical reading of academic literature and composing an annotated bibliography; academic vocabulary and academic style conventions; essentials of the APA formatting style; structure and language of an academic presentation. The final output is creating a research proposal for the bachelor thesis.

Instructors: E.V. Terenteva, T.A. Bakhanskaya

Credit points:2

Faculty: Mathematics and Computer Science

Language: English

Level: Bachelor

Academic hours: 54



1.     Critical reading of an academic text

2.     Compiling a working bibliography. APA conventions

3.     Plagiarism and strategies of avoiding it

4.     Working with sources: summarizing, quoting, paraphrasing

5.     Composing a literature review

6.     Describing methods

7.     Describing the plan of work and presenting data. Describing expected results

8.     Writing the Introduction and the Abstract

9.     Editing for correctness

10. Presenting the proposal


1.     McCormack, J., & Slaght, J. (2009).  English for Academic Study: Extended Writing and Research Skills. Garnet Education

2.     Kuzmenkova, J. (2009). Academic project presentations.Москва: МАКСПресс

3.     Fulwiler, T., & Hayakawa, A. (2000). The Blair Handbook. Prentice-Hall Inc.




Academic Year
Instruction in Russian
ECTS credits
Delivered at:
Department of Foreign Languages (HSE Campus in Nizhny Novgorod)
Course type:
Compulsory course
4 year, 1-3 module