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Russian Language Summer School "Gorky - Quest"

What is the summer school ”Gorky - Quest”?

This is an unforgettable summer adventure that will allow you to master real, spoken Russian language and achieve the next level! You will see the real Russia – so different, bright, generous and mysterious. Interesting lessons, trips, meetings with new people, a lot of communication and a real quest await you!

A cable car ride, a search for an ancient library, a gastro-tour and unforgettable sunsets of Nizhny Novgorod! And, of course, the mystery of the Russian soul, which we will solve together.

And to prepare for the trip, we offer you to complete a free online quest!

Choose your Summer School:

Full programme (4 weeks)

entrance test

80 academic hours

4 excursions



language partners

outdoor activities

a textbook as a gift

Short programme (2 weeks)

entrance test

40 academic hours

2 excursions


language partners

outdoor activities

a textbook as a gift

Online programme (2 weeks)

entrance testing

30 academic hours

2 virtual tours

language partners


online course "Gorky Quest"

Tuition fee:

60.000 rubles

Tuition fee:

30.000 rubles

Tuition fee:

20.000 rubles


Dates for the Summer School: June - August 2022

Social Programme:

List of excursions (based on group preference)

The Summer School Social Programme includes several excursions around Nizhny Novgorod, during which you will get acquainted with our city, culture, traditions and history of Russia.

Additional excursions (based on group preference ):

Summer School Programme:

1. Entrance testing

2. Grammar correction course. Logical and simple grammar, interesting exercises, format of game. Author’s program.

3. Communication course. Spoken Russian. Easy speaking. Contemporary oral speech.

4. Multimedia. Songs, videos, games, blogs, podcasts. We listen, watch and discuss different types of content.

5. Russian etiquette in a new way. What to do to be accepted as a Russian?

6. This strange Russia. Russian character, habits, holidays, cuisine. Seminars and master classes.

7. Quest

8. Holiday “The riddle of the Russian soul”

9. Final testing

Summer School Programme (PDF, 101 Кб)

The timetable of the Summer School will be published soon.


International students can apply to stay in the HSE - Nizhny Novgorod Dormitorty №2. Detailed information about the hostel can be found on our website.

The cost of living is 8800 rubles per month.

It is also possible stay with a family (with half board or with breakfast only) or rent an apartment.

How to apply?

  • Step  1:  Application

    Apply for the Summer School online.

    Application deadline:

    Citizens of EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, Japan and India can apply no later than 2 weeks prior the start date.

    Citizens of other countries can apply no later than 8 weeks prior the start date.

  • Step  2:  Acceptance

    If your application is successful, you will receive a letter of acceptance from HSE - Nizhny Novgorod by email.

  • Step  3:  Invitation and Visa

    If you need a visa to study in Russia, the university will issue you an invitation and send it to you by email. After receiving the invitation, you will be able to apply for a Russian visa.

    Read more about the invitation and visa process on our website.

  • Step  4:  Prepare for your departure

    After you get Russian visa, you can buy tickets and book accommodation in Nizhny Novgorod.

  • Step  5:  Arrival at Nizhny Novgorod

    You need to arrive at Nizhny Novgorod before the start of the course. The earliest possible date of entry into the Russian Federation is indicated on your visa. Please inform us in advance of your arrival by filling out the online form.

Apply now


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