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25/12 Bol. Pecherskaya Ulitsa, Room 404
Nizhny Novgorod, 603155, Russia

Deputy Dean for Student Affairs Ekaterina O. Suchkova
Deputy Dean for Research and International Relations Anna Novak

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Economics was ultimately created in 2001, after its first enrollment was conducted in 1996.
The faculty is a leader in economic education in the region. This is possible thanks its strong fundamental training and the active involvement of students in practical activities and research projects.

In addition, high quality education is possible in light of the regular achievements of our students in various competitions and contests, as well as constant demand for graduates on the job market.
The qualifications of our lecturers are confirmed by their international certificates and opportunities for internships. Furthermore, the faculty regularly hosts lectures by visiting professors from leading Russian and international centers of education.

Research Activities

Research activities are integral to providing high quality education. For instance, this helps students to acquire effective research skills, the ability to apply theoretical models and econometric methods to their research, and presentation skills.
With this in mind, our students regularly present reports at research conferences, schools and seminars of various levels: from university to international events. Joint research papers are published annually.

The faculty’s staff are routinely engaged in fundamental and applied research projects in regards to economic policy, including projects initiated with the support of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, Economics Education and Research Consortium, HSE Centre for Basic Research etc.

Specialists from major Russian and global companies often become staff members at the faculty’s joint departments.

Business Partners

The Faculty of Economics works directly with leading international and Russian companies in banking, auditing, consulting, and investment.

International Partnership

The quality of education at the Faculty of Economics is directly in line with globally recognized standards. The faculty cooperates with leading international universities, as well as regularly hosts lectures and seminars by visiting professors. Students at the faculty actively participate in short and long-term international academic mobility programmes.
For instance, in 2010, a joint programme with the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis was launched. The programme foresees parallel (distance) learning for students of the Faculty of Economics with a specialization in world economy at the University of Nice licensee.

In addition, in 2011, the ‘Russian-Italian’ programme, which enables Master’s students of the programme in Finance (Audit and Consulting) to study at the University of Viterbo (Italy), was launched.


The faculty’s graduates tend to find jobs (usually following internships) at leading Russian and international organizations, including: Intel, Delloitte&Tush, Goldman Suchs, KPMG, Mirax Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Troika Dialog, Raiffeisen Bank, Alfa Bank, Zenit Bank, Bank Societe Generale Vostok, International Moscow Bank, Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods, McKinsey, etc.