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25/12 Bol. Pecherskaya Ulitsa, Room 404
Nizhny Novgorod, 603155, Russia

Deputy Dean for Student Affairs Ekaterina O. Suchkova
Deputy Dean for Research and International Relations Anna Novak


Fundamental Research:

The main research units of the Faculty of Economics are the following:

  • Department of Economic Theory and Econometrics,
  • Department of Mathematical Economics.

Taking into account that the topic of “Economic Analysis of the State and Directions of the Regional Development” is very broad, several key research groups carry out research work in the following areas:

Analysis of labour market,

Analysis of industries and markets of the region's economy,

Analysis of financial markets,

Analysis in the field of macroeconomics and government regulation,

Environmental Economics.

Applied Research and Development:

An important research activity of the Faculty is the project work in the interests of external customers. The main Faculty units that participate in the development of this kind of the project work are:

Department of Financial Management,

Department of Banking Management and Accounting, Analysis and Audit.


There are two main topics of the Faculty's research:

Corporate Finance, Financial Analysis and Audit,