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Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)

“HSE” network

“HSE.Work” network

“Eduroam” network

Since January 2013, HSE (public) and HSE.Work (for employees) wireless networks have been put into operation in all buildings of the Nizhny Novgorod campuses.


Instructions for connecting to the “HSE” network

The HSE wireless network is intended exclusively for accessing the Internet for the purpose of rapid online searching of information.

Registration in the HSE open network is carried out on the authorization page after any request from the Internet browser of a mobile device with Wi-Fi enabled.

- Network Name: HSE

- Login: hseguest

- Password: hsepassword

The duration of a continuous session on the HSE network is 1 hour. After the session time expires, you must reauthorize.


Instructions for connecting to the “HSE.Work” network

The HSE.Work wireless network is only available for university employees.
The network is HIDDEN from view in the list of wireless networks; use the instructions or the automatic configuration script to configure it.

Authorization in a single campus-wide HSE.Work wireless network is carried out using the employee's domain account.

The duration of a continuous session on the HSE.Work network is not limited.

Instructions for configuring the connection of the most common devices to the HSE.Work network is posted below.


Instructions for connecting to the “Eduroam” network

In the Nizhny Novgorod campus, the Wi-Fi network with the name (SSID) eduroam operates on the territory of the ACU at 25/12 B.Pecherskaya Street and provides only access to the Internet.

Requirements for the network interface settings of the user device

- The device has a wireless network interface that supports a/b/g/n protocols.

- Automatic IP address obtaining via the DHCP service.

- Disabled Proxy server for accessing the Internet.

How to connect to the network:

1. Select a network named (SSID) eduroam from the list of available Wi-Fi networks.

2. In the login field, enter the name of the account in the HSE domain in the format: username@hse.ru.

3. After entering the account password, click on the Connect button (Join – for Mac devices).

4. Accept a certificate verifying the validity of the eduroam network. The “Continue” button.


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