Applying for Master’s Programmes

Step 3: Application Evaluation

Your application will be evaluated by the admission committee of your chosen degree programme. The review of your application should take a minimum of 2 weeks.

If any additional information or documents must be submitted, the application process may take longer, and, as such, the final decision will be made after the submission of all necessary documents.

IMPORTANT! You have to upload your portfolio to the personal online account before August 14.

Be prepared for an interview with one of HSE’s admission committees.

Applicants to Master’s programmes at HSE may be asked to pass an individual online interview with representatives of the chosen Master’s programme. Programme coordinators will only contact those candidates who meet the established eligibility criteria on the basis of their portfolio evaluation. Please make sure that you provide correct contact details and your Skype ID in the application submitted for the competition. An interview will be set up and specified in your personal account.

Based on the results of your application evaluation, the decision of the degree programme’s admission committee shall be posted in your personal account (no later than 6 weeks after the application has been submitted).

If you see the recommendation for admission in your personal account, please proceed to STEP 4.