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Business Cooperations

Vadim Galeev

МВА, CEO of 'National Center for marketing research, consulting and training'; board member of several companies; Strategic Marketing Consultant

Delivers parts of Research Seminar "Modern Issues in Global Business" on Import-Export operations and startups abroad
Alexey Mokrov

CEO of Marketing Agency 'MarketCapitalSolutions', board member of CJSC «STKS - Evan»

Delivers parts of Research Seminar "Modern Issues in Global Business" on finding investors and assessing project risks
Anrey Vagin

Founder and CEO of 'Slidary'

Delivers a lecture on Working with clients from Russia and CIS countries (within the course Russian Business Context)
Anna Korsunova Корсунова

head N.Novgorod office of UBER

Delivers a lecture on Promotion of an international company in Russia (within the course International Marketing)
Olga Beldiugina

Head of corporate sales department at 'Kidburg' S. Petersburg; founder and CEO of several startups in the event management sphere and retail (S. Petersburg)

Delivers a lecture on Startups in Russia (within the course Russian Business Context)
Olga Tenisheva

executive director for education programmes at Strelka  Institute for Media, Architecture and Design (Moscow)

Delivers parts of Research Seminar "Modern Issues in Global Business" on Managing international educational projects (based on Strelka and SkolTech)

Partner companies in Russia (hold guest lectures, networking events, company visits, co-supervise students' projects):
- Magna Automotive Rus
- VolksWagen
- P&G
- Vadens Business School

 Even though Italy is currently experiencing a weakening economy, it still remains Austria’s second most important export market behind Germany. Northern Italy in particular is a strong economic driver in the immediate vicinity with close ties to Austria and industry in Upper Austria. From our prespective, the University of Bergamo is the perfect partner for the new Master’s degree program in Global Business. Russia’s size means great potential for many industrial companies in Upper Austria and offers great opportunities as an exciting “emerging market”. Austria continues to be the gateway to markets in Eastern Europe and that means Russia, too.

Dr. Manfred Asamer
Asamer Holding AG

Partner companies in Austria (hold strategic sessions, company visits, networking events, co-supervise students' projects):
The Joint Master Global Business is supported by the Upper Austrian Federation of Industries

Lenzing AG
Energie AG 
Greiner Holding
 Siemens VAI
Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ
Ziegelwerk Eder
Сhamber of labor 
- Сhamber of commerce        

The joint Master's degree in Global Business offers a truly unique approach to intercultural business education. The students live and work together for a full year with peers from three different countries and cultures. This provides an unparalleled opportunity to combine a professional-quality management training with a global experience. Program graduates become ambassadors of a progressive style of management and possess a genuine understanding of different perspectives, something which is increasingly essential in our global networking economy. They have an improved ability to leverage the advantages of diversity and advance their problem solving skills. Not surprisingly, the demand for graduates of this program is soaring at international companies.

Dr. Franz Reitbauer
MBA, Greiner Packaging Ltd. General Manager, LITHOS Industrial Minerals GmbH 

Partner companies in Italy (hold company visits, co-supervise students' projects): 

Schneider Electric
Ardes (Scame Group)
Podere Cavaga
Ceva Logistic
Acqua Pejo
Banca Imi

We are a very Italian company. Board members of our company are more than 65 years old, and the company itself has been on the market for more than 100 years. And since we are in this sense a very Italian company, we tend to avoid risk and innovation. It is with this problem that we asked the University of Bergamo for help. The group of GB students supervised by us had quite a challenging task of linking the theoretical analysis with the practical one. I was responsible for the practical part, and professors from Bergamo University for academic background research. Almost every week we met to work together to find practical applications for theoretical calculations on the subject. Global Business students designed a very focused presentation about the company and how our performance could be improved through innovation. We hope that by showing the presentation to the top management of the company we will be to introduce some of the innovative tools proposed.

Representative of the SIAD company