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Summary of Degree Programme

Field of Studies

38.04.02 Management

Approved by
Протокол заседания ученого совета № 10 от 26.12.2014
Last Update
Решение академического руководителя программы от 27.11.2019
Network Programme


Length of Studies, Mode of Studies, Credit Load

2 years

Full-time, 120 з.е.

Language of Instruction


Instruction in English

Degree Level


Double-degree Programme


Competitive Advantages

1. Study is in English.

2. For the second half of the 1st year students study at partner universities: Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria, Linz) and the University of Bergamo (Italy, Bergamo).

2. Students study a second foreign language (German, Italian or Russian).

3. Gaining work experience as part of internships in Italian companies.

4. Opportunity to participate in a double degree program with Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria.

Professional Activities and Competencies of Programme Graduates

In accordance with the Federal Educational Standard the alumni of 38.04.02 Management specialization shall acquire the following competencies:

1. Know: 
1.1. basic methodology of science;
1.2. special terminology, including English terms used in scientific communication;
1.3. scientific research conduct and management, as well as presentation of core research results; concepts, models and instruments of corporate structure, business strategy and functional strategy of an organization; 
1.4.  business environment and market models and analysis methods required for corporate strategy development;
2.Be able to:
2.1. conduct methodological evaluation of a specific approach or scientific theory in the field of management;
2.2. communicate professionally in oral and written forms using a foreign language;
2.3. formulate and test scientific hypotheses, choose and rationalize instruments in accordance with the managerial research problem;
2.4. use modern methods, techniques, instruments of development and implementation of a corporate strategy, business strategy and functional strategy of an organization;
2.5. evaluate long-term results of managerial activities.
3. Obtain:
3.1. abilities of critical scientific thinking;
3.2. organizational and research skills in the field of management; 
3.3. techniques for presentation and protection of research findings; 
3.4. negotiation skills for strategic decision making in uncertain conditions.

Programme Modules

Core courses:

The Methodology of Research in Management

Management Strategies: Business Strategies in Global Environment

Economics and Corporate Finance

International Management I

International Management II

Global Governance

International Marketing

Russian and European Business Context

Advanced Finance

Negotiations and Communications

Core courses form the foundation of skills and knowledge in the key areas of international business and international affairs. Core courses are obligatory.


Elective courses:

Digital Communications

Advanced Marketing Analytics

Management Accounting

Cultural Awareness

Elective courses allow students to customize their education to suit their own interests and career goals. Through elective courses students build the unique expertise and marketable skills in the areas of their choice. 


Adaptational course (Additional Program component):

Academic Writing in English (C1)

For students who do not have a substantial background in Academic Writing in English the Program offers the adaptational course.


Optional courses (Additional Program component):

Italian (basic)

German (basic)

Russian (basic)

Students may choose to take an optional language as an additional component to their curriculum.



Project Seminar

Managing International Projects

Term paper (year 1): 6 ECTS credits
Internship (8 weeks in the 4th semester): 12 ECTS credits
Master Thesis: 24 ECTS credits

Options for Students with Disabilities

This degree programme of HSE University is adapted for students with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities. Special assistive technology and teaching aids are used for collective and individual learning of students with SEN and disabilities. The specific adaptive features of the programme are listed in each subject's full syllabus and are available to students through the online Learning Management System.

Programme Documentation

All documents of the degree programme are stored electronically on this website. Curricula, calendar plans, and syllabi are developed and approved electronically in corporate information systems. Their current versions are automatically published on the website of the degree programme. Up-to-date teaching and learning guides, assessment tools, and other relevant documents are stored on the website of the degree programme in accordance with the local regulatory acts of HSE University.

I hereby confirm that the degree programme documents posted on this website are fully up-to-date.

Vice Rector Sergey Yu. Roshchin

Summary of Degree Programme 'Global Business'

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