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HSE Campus in Nizhny NovgorodSummer School ‘Does Russia Have A Strategy? Understanding Economic Change’
Summer School

Does Russia Have A Strategy? Understanding Economic Change



The summer school

Focuses on the possible trajectories for Russia’s economic development amid today’s global climate of instability.

Concentrates on the most economic issues and outlining the prospects for future economic growth.

Underlines Russia’s monetary policy goals and instruments that Central Bank uses in turbulent times.

Explores Russian financial market, risks and investment opportunities.

Implies the analysis of macroeconomic conditions of doing business in Russia with notable entrepreneurs and top managers sharing their practical experience during visits to companies.

Examines foreign policy directions, main political risks and challenges .

Provides a discussion on strategic management of Russian economic development on the company level.

Courses on Russian Economy are deepened by sessions are deepened by sessions on intercultural communications, Russian mentality and side trips to historic locations in the vicinity.



APPLICATION DEADLINE for DAAD participants is June, 1st

We are delighted to announce 10 scholarships for students from Germany who wish to join our Summer School as part of the DAAD programme Go East

Deutsche Studierende können sich im Rahmen des Go East- Sommerschulprogramms beim Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst (DAAD) um

ein Stipendium bewerben. Das Stipendium setzt sich zusammen aus Stipendienrate, Reisekostenzuschuss und Kursgebühren.

Weitere Informationen dazu finden Sie unter:


Das zweigleisige Bewerbungsverfahren sieht vor, dass Interessenten sich parallel bei der Sommerschule um eine Zulassung und beim DAAD um ein Stipendium bewerben.


Intended Learning Outcomes

Knowledge of Russian economic policy strategies

Understanding the most important pecularities of Russian financial sector and the interaction of economics and politics

Ability to use statistical and economic data, academic knowledge, references, and literature on a given topics to analyze current situation in Russia

System vision of Eurasian integration processes of which Russia is an inalienable part now.

Basic knowledge of Russian Language