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Conference timetable

(download  pdf version)                                                       

                                                                Monday 24






Coffee Break



Workshop on Teaching Business Informatics: Intelligent Educational Systems and E-learning

(room # 126)

A process approach to IT management as the methodological basis of BI programmes in Higher School of Business Informatics
Alexander Biryukov,

Alexander Oleynik

Case Studies in Teaching Information Security:
Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice

Alexandra Savelieva,

Sergey Avdoshin

Could lack of intrinsic motivation be a reason for the plagiarism of Russian IT-students?
Alexander Porshnev

Rule Based Pattern Extraction for Learning System.
Nikolay Karpov




5th Workshop on Information Logistics and Knowledge Supply - I (room # 125)

Information Inadequacy: Instances that Cause the Lack of Needed Information

Miranda Kajtaziand Darek Haftor

Towards Improving Structure and Content of Information Demand Patterns

Kurt Sandkuhl and Dirk Stamer

Multimode information logistics for conceptual correspondence monitoring

Peteris Rudzajs and Marite Kirikova

Towards Adaptive Business Models for Intelligent Information Logistics in Transportation

Kurt Sandkuhl, Ulrike Borchardt, Birger Lantow, Dirk Stamer and Matthias Wißotzki

Workshop on Social-economic aspects of IT-industry on the modern stage: problems, perspectives  and challenges - I

(room # 126)

Role of business plan and market analysis tools in USO’s start-up process

Luigi Fici, Michela Piccarozzi, Alessandro Ruggieri, Cecilia Silvestri

Russia's Position in the International Coordinates of Information and Communication Business-Environment Readiness

Rustam Malikov, Irina Khisaeva

IT and corporate governance: the case of continuous monitoring of internal controls over financial reporting in an Italian medium-sized company

G. Ianniello, M. Mainardi, F. Rossi

Special Economic Zones in Russia as an Instrument of IT Potential Enhancing

Pavel Malyzhenkov, Artem Tikhobaev

BIR-2012 Doctoral Consortium

(room # 227)

N. Karpov


Coffee Break


5th Workshop on Information Logistics and Knowledge Supply - II (room # 125)

Information Logistics: A Proposed Notion

Darek Haftor

Workflow Specification in S-BPM and UML: Commonalities and Differences

Peter Forbrig

Knowledge Management Systems in SME - State of the Art

Ulrike Borchardt

Workshop on Social-economic aspects of IT-industry on the modern stage: problems, perspectives and challenges – II

(room # 126)

Problems of criminal law protection of IT-industry in Russia

Alexander Kozlov

Prospects Development of the IT World Market and its Financing Problems

Oleg Kozyrev

BIR-2012 Doctoral Consortium

N. Karpov



Welcome Party


                                                             Tuesday 25th






Plenary Session (room #126)


Coffee Break


Session 1: Knowledge Management and Semantic Web - I (room # 125)

Online Recommender System for Radio Station Hosting

Dmitry I. Ignatov, Andrey V. Konstantinov, Sergey I. Nikolenko,

Jonas Poelmans, and Vasily V. Zaharchuk

OWL Orthogonal Extension

Renārs Liepiņš, Janis Barzdins, and Lelde Lace

Transfer of Method Knowledge and Modelling in Distributed Teams – Lessons Learned

Magnus Lundqvist, Kurt Sandkuhl, and Ulf Seigerroth

Session 2: Business and Information Systems Development - I
(room # 126)

On the Suitability of Activity Diagrams and ConcurTaskTrees for Complex Event Modeling

Jens Brüning, Peter Forbrig, Enrico Seib, and Michael Zaki

Architecture and Language for Semantic Reduction of Domain-Specific Models in BPMS

Lelde Lace, Renārs Liepiņš, and Edgars Rencis

Characterizing Trustworthy Digital Rights Exporting

Wenhui Lu, Zheying Zhang, and Jyrki Nummenmaa




Session 3: Knowledge Management and Semantic Web - II (room # 125)

Improving Quote Preparation in Project Management with Information Demand Patterns

Kurt Sandkuhl

Mining Complex Data Generated by Collaborative Platforms

Dmitry Ignatov, Alexandra Kaminskaya, Rostislav Yavorsky and Jonas Poelmans

Towards a new modeling method for developing a balanced hierarchical strategy for heterogeneous organizations: the case of Universities

Aleksey Shutov, Margarita Karpunina and Nadezhda Titova

Session 4: Business and Information Systems Development - II
(room # 126)

How to Design and Deliver Process Context Sensitive Information: Concept and Prototype

Armin Stein and Robin Fischer

Software risk management: using the automated tools

Sergey Avdoshin and Elena Pesotskaya

Collaboration in Health and Social Care at Home - Needs and Requirements

Monica Winge, Lars -Åke Johansson, Monica Nyström,

Eva Lindh-Waterworth and Benkt Wangler

Traceability as a combination of distributed standardized data and business processes

Sagvan Saleh, Tatiana Poletaeva, Habib Abdulrab and Mhamed Itmi


Coffee Break

                                                       Wednesday 26th






Plenary Session (room # 126)


Coffee Break


Session 5:  Business, People and Systems Interoperability - I
(room # 125)

Joint Use of SCOR and VRM

Marite Kirikova, Robert Buchmann, and Razvan Aurelian Costin

Spin-Off Phenomenon as a Factor of University Clusters Competitiveness Increasing: A Methodological Proposal

Natalia Klimova and Pavel Malyzhenkov

Impact of information and communication technologies on business process management on small and medium enterprises in the emerging countries

Ekaterina Bazhenova, Victor Taratoukhine and Joerg Becker

Session 6:  Business Intelligence - I
(room # 126)

Conducting a Privacy Impact Analysis for the Analysis of Communication Records

Stefan Hofbauer, Kristian Beckers, and Gerald Quirchmayr

Gaining Insight in Social Networks with Biclustering and Triclustering

Dmitry Gnatyshak, Dmitry I. Ignatov, Alexander Semenov, and Jonas Poelmans

Developing the Method for Value Assessment of SOA-Based IS Projects

Alexey Likhvarev and Eduard Babkin




Session 7:  Business, People and Systems Interoperability - II
(room # 125)

IS Research Challenges and Needs for Service Networks —A Brazilian-German Perspective

Martin Matzner, Armin Stein, Carl Stolze, Matthias Voigt, and F´abio Alexandrini

The value relevance of net income and comprehensive income in banks and other financial institutions: evidence from European Union

Riccardo Cimini and Alessandro Mechelli

Design Principles of Open Innovation Concept- Universal Design Viewpoint

Moyen Mustaquim and Tobias Nyström

Regional Clusters of SME and Human Capacity Influence Model

Natalia Klimova, Oleg Kozyrev and Maurizio Masi

Session 8: Business Intelligence - II
(room # 126)

Face Recognition in Real-Time Applications: A Comparison of Directed Enumeration Method and K-d Trees

Andrey V. Savchenko

An Evaluation of Computer Independent Graphical Modeling Techniques in Model Driven Architecture

Lars-Olof Johansson, Magnus Wärja and Sven Carlsson

Some aspects of face recognition based on principal component analysis and linear discriminate analysis

Vladimir Mokeyev and Stanislav Tomilov



Coffee Break


SC Meeting (room # 125)


Conference Closing (room # 126)


Conference Dinner