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25/12 Bol. Pecherskaya Ulitsa, Room 404
Nizhny Novgorod, 603155, Russia

Deputy Dean for Student Affairs Ekaterina O. Suchkova
The institutional environment and gig platform transaction cost solutions

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Journal of Institutional Economics. 2024. Vol. 20.

Book chapter

Kotelnikova Z.

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Working paper
Identifying Default Correlation via a Mix of Correlated Bernoulli Distributions

Penikas H. I.

2021 International Conference on Sustainable Islamic Business and Finance. Series 5-6 Dec. 2021 . IEEE, 2021

KPMG professionals share some secrets about Excel

On March 10, students of the Faculty of Economics participated in the online practical training "Information Technologies in Audit and Consulting. MS Excel as the main tool for working with data" organised by KPMG company. The practical training was conducted by senior specialist of the Audit Department of KPMG Lyudmila Lukyanova.

Based on the results of the workshop, students:

- gained the skills to quickly process large amounts of data and work with different numeric formats,

- got acquainted with the functionality of pivot tables, as well as with the main functions that accountants, auditors, and analysts use in their work (VLOOKUP, PRODUCT, IF, SUMIF, INDEX, and others).

Anastasia Afonina, student of the Faculty of Economics:

"The workshop was conducted at a professional level. The material was presented in a clear and accessible form, even if some functions were not encountered before.

All the examples are analyzed in great detail, and in case of any difficulties, the speaker quickly answered all the questions and repeated the information. Participation in such a workshop is very useful, because I have acquired knowledge that will greatly simplify my work in Excel. Also, Lyudmila shared her experience of working in the KPMG company, which was also very informative. In the future, I would like to participate in more such workshops!”