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136 Rodionova Ulitsa, Room 307
Nizhny Novgorod, 603093, Russia
Phone: (831) 4361752

Deputy Dean for Research Mikhail G. Nazarov
Deputy Dean on additional professional education Mikhail Shushkin
Deputy Dean for Student Support Svetlana Y. Savinova
Manager Natalia Belokhlebova

(831) 4361671 ext. 6424

Website editor Irina Pisareva


Faculty members participate in research and are included in global research networks. The key research areas are: "human resource management and organizational studies", "entrepreneurship and innovation", "marketing". In these areas, the academic staff of the faculty also carries out expert and analytical activities and implements consulting projects.


Academic activities of the faculty:

Research areas and research groups of the Faculty of Management:

Human Resource Management (O. M. Isaeva, S. Yu. Savinova, E. N. Vasilieva, G. A. Mkrtichyan):

  • Corporate social responsibility as an employer brand promotion tool  
  • Employees' readiness to organizational changes 
  • Psychological well-being of employees 
  • Talent management 
  • Transformation of employee training practices
  • Emotional intelligence 

Organizational research (M. Plotnikov, Yu. Chilipenok, O. Gaponova. S., Osipova O., Privalov I. V. Safronova K. O.):

  • Ontocritic Foundations of Strategic Thinking 
  • Improving the effectiveness of groups through social engineering 
  • Flexible methodologies of process management

Entrepreneurship and innovation (Rolfsema H. J., Trifilova A. A., Butryumova N. N., Nazarov M. G., Shubnyakova N. G., Sidorov D. V., Pimonova S. A.) 

  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Innovative entrepreneurship
  • Family business

Marketing (M. A. Shushn, E. Artyushina, E. V., Alexandrovsky S. V., Fomenkov D. A., Samylina D. A., Trundova O. С.)

  • Marketing of innovations and new products
  • Mass prestige 
  • Branding