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Here you can download the video of plenary reports:
1) Antonyan Sergey Gromov-Hausdorff hyperspaces of  R^n
Babenko Ivan On topological properties of the volume entropy of geodesic flows
Berger Pierre
Emergence of non-ergodic dynamics
2) Bonatti Christian Partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms on 3-manifolds
Bufetov Alexander Interpolation for determinantal point processes
Gonchenko Sergey  Scientific Heritage of L.P. Shilnikov 

3) Grines Vyacheslav On works of A.G. Maier on dynamical systems on surfaces 
Ilyashenko Yuly  First steps of the global bifurcation theory in the plane
Klimenko Alexey Convergence of Spherical Averages for Actions of Fuchsian Groups
Komech Sergey  Random Averaging in Ergodic Theorem and Boundary Deformation Rate in Symbolic Dynamics

4) Álvarez López Jesús Antonio A trace formula for foliated flows
Laudenbach Francois Homoclinic Bifurcation in Morse-Novikov Theory
Lerman Lev E.A. Leontovich-Andronova: bifurcations and classification of systems on the plane
5) Polotovskiy Grigory  Essay on the history of mathematics in Nizhny Novgorod
Timorin Vladlen Dynamical generation of parameter laminations
Shekutkovski Nikita  Shape and strong shape of limit sets in dynamical systems

6) Oprocha Piotr On minimal non-invertible maps
Zastrow Andreas The period-set of a map from the Cantor-Set to itself
Zinsmeister Michel  Phase Transition for deterministic Loewner Processes
Zhuzhoma Eugeny  A.A. Andronov and some aspects of dynamical systems