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Solitary wave interactions with a periodic forcing: the extended Korteweg-de Vries framework

Flamarion M., Pelinovsky E.

Mathematics. 2022. Vol. 10. No. 12.

Book chapter
Monotonicity Criterion of Topological Entropy and Kneading Invariants for Lorenz Families

Малкин М. И., Safonov K.

In bk.: Mathematical Physics, Dynamical Systems and Infinite-Dimensional Analysis – 2021. Долгопрудный, МФТИ, 2021. P. 156-158.

Working paper
Knot as a complete invariant of a Morse-Smale 3-diffeomorphism with four fixed points

Pochinka O., Таланова Е. А., Shubin D.

math. arXiv. Cornell University, 2022

Lecture course on bifurcation theory

An intensive course of lectures by Professor Dmitry Turaev in English was held on the Nizhny Novgorod campus.
Professor Dmitry Turaev gave lectures on bifurcation theory in the corps on B. Pecherskaya for two weeks; the first lecture was held already on the second of September. The course was attended by both teachers and undergraduate and graduate students.

Lectures included topics such as:

- Invariant tori
- The theory of central manifolds and the method of normal forms
- Structurally stable equilibrium states and periodic trajectories of dynamical systems
- Basic bifurcations of equilibrium states and periodic orbits (saddle node bifurcations, Andronov-Hopf bifurcation, period doubling and torus bifurcation)

Student Reviews:

For two weeks at the Higher School of Economics, a lecture course "Introduction to the Theory of Bifurcations" was delivered. Dmitry Turaev, a lecturer, perfectly explained interesting material, the things that we already know were presented in a different light. The proposed course is quite useful for almost all students of the program "Mathematics", since many of them write scientific papers on topics related to this area of ​​dynamical systems, in particular, this course is useful to me.
Burdygina Tatyana, 17fm

The course "Introduction to the theory of bifurcations" was very useful for me, as it was discussed within the framework of the material that is directly related to my course work. I also liked the manner of the speaker’s story, Dmitry Turaev. The material was provided in English, which helped to get acquainted with a new terminology for me and gain experience in listening to lectures in a foreign language.
Kuryzhov Eugene, 17fm

It was very pleasant and informative for me to listen to Dmitry Turaev’s lectures. I have learned in more detail the basic bifurcations of equilibrium states and periodic orbits, invariant tori and the theory of central manifolds. This course made it possible to tighten English and study the terminology of this topic in more detail. Of course, you need to go to such lectures and improve your knowledge and skills in mathematics.
Sukharev Dmitry, 17fm