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Entrance Exams

Structure of the entrance competitions:

  • Personal achievements contest (portfolio) - 100 points maximum
  • Interview – 100 points maximum 

Grading scale: from 0 to 200 points

The minimum cut-off score to gain admission to the Master's programme in Mathematics" is 100 points. Applicants with higher scores on the entrance exams have an opportunity to participate in a scholarship competition.

Individual achievement contest

The format: portfolio is evaluated in absentia of the applicant on the basis of documents submitted to the Selection Committee.

Main criteria for portfolio evaluation:

  • profound understanding of the chosen subject, 
  • skills in writing scientific texts, 
  • work experience and participation in research projects relevant to the research topic, 
  • experience in delivering lectures
  • research reputation of the applicant.


The structure of the interview:

1. A talk about the incentives of the applicant to pursue the master's degree and about his or her professional interests.

The applicant orally presents his or her incentives to pursue a master's degree in English and highlights one problem related to the sphere of his professional interest (for example, a summary of the research work written at the previous stage of education or any other mathematical problem of his or her interest).
Evaluation criteria: several skills are evaluated, namely the ability of the applicant to formulate his/her point of view clearly and to prove it, experience of research work, knowledge of general scientific methods of research conduction (these include understanding of the following terms and differences between them: hypothesis, physical experiment, numerical experiment, modeling, theorem, definition, argument).
The maximum score - 30 points.

2. Test of the basic knowledge of the subject. 

Format: the applicant receives a written assignment with tasks from the following fields of mathematics:

  • mathematical analysis - differential and integral calculus of functions of one and several real variables
  • linear algebra
  • analytical geometry
  • differential equations – ordinary and partial derivatives
  • general algebra
  • general topology
  • probability theory

The applicant receives one question from each of the 7 fields mentioned above (7 questions total).
Each question is rated from 0 to 10 according to the following scale:

10 points — The answer is complete, logical, specific, without remarks;
8 points — The answer is complete, logical, specific, but some minor remarks were made;
6 points — The answer is incomplete, but contains no errors and the most important facts are mentioned correctly;
4 points — The answer is incomplete and contains significant errors;
2 points — The answer is not given at all, or given incompletely, the speech is inconsistent, some significant factual/logical errors were made;
0 points — The answer to the question indicates that the applicant did not understand the question and is not at least roughly understand the subject of the question

    An odd number of points is given if the answer can be evaluated by characteristics corresponding to different criteria sets for an even number of points. The scores for the questions are summed up, the amount is called the total score for the second part of the interview.
    The maximum score - 70 points.

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