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The 7th International Conference on Network Analysis

The 7th International Conference on Network Analysis will take place on June 22  24, 2017 in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. The conference is sponsored by the 
Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Networks Analysis of the Higher School of Economics. The purpose of this conference is to bring together 
scientists and engineers from industry, government, and universities to exchange knowledge and results in a broad range of topics relevant  to the theory 
and practice of network analysis. Topics of the Conference also include algorithms on graphs, networks, discrete optimization and applications. Contributions 
are also sought that address the reliability of complex networks, software, theory, methodology and applications. 

The conference follows previous conferences 20112012201320142015, 2016 and will be hosted by the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Nizhny Novgorod on 22 – 24 June, 2017. 


Selected conference papers will be published in Springer series Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics (indexed in Scopus)

Connected conference: LION'11


Registration and Deadlines: 
registration until June 01

Abstract submisiion deadline: May 30

Notification of acceptence: ad hoc

Program Committee
Accommodation in Nizhny Novgorod
Conference venue
Paper Submission

Plenary speakers

Roberto Battiti, Professor of Computer Science Università degli Studi di Trento, Director of the LION lab (machine Learning and Intelligent OptimizatioN), Italy, From graphs to communities, cliques, quasi-cliques and related gangs

Elena Konstantinova, Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, NovosibirskCayley networks in Computer Science

Oleg Khamisov, Melentiev Energy Systems Institute, Russian Academy of Science, Irkutsk, Looking for an equilibrium on long-term electricity market under network constraints

George Michailidis, University of Florida,  Director of Informatics Institute, USA, Regularized estimation and testing for High-Dimensional Multi-Block Vector Autoregressive Models

Nenad Mladenovic, Mathematical Institute, SANU, Belgrade, Serbia, New community detection criterion

Ludmila Prokhorenkova (Ostroumova), Yandex, MIPT, Moscow, Some general results on preferential attachment and clustering coefficient

Oleg Prokopyev, University of Pittsburg, USA and NRU HSE, Finding Critical Links for Closeness Centrality

Andrey RaigorodskiiYandex, MIPT, Random graphs and applications


Panos M. Pardalos, University of Florida, USA
Valery Kalyagin, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia
Mikhail Batsyn, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia


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