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Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Networks Analysis (Nizhny Novgorod)

The 9th International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications In press

Miasnikof P., Shestopaloff A. Y., Pitsoulis L. et al.


Maximum shortest path interdiction problem by upgrading edges on trees under weighted l1 norm

Zhang Q., Guan X., Pardalos P. M.

Journal of Global Optimization. 2020. P. 1-29.

Book chapter
Event Recognition with Automatic Album Detection based on Sequential Grouping of Confidence Scores and Neural Attention

Savchenko A.

In bk.: Proceedings of International Joint Conference on Neural Networks 2020 (IJCNN 2020). Piscataway: IEEE, 2020. P. 1-8.

Working paper
An approach to the distributionally robust shortest path problem

Sergey S. Ketkov, Oleg A. Prokopyev, Evgenii P. Burashnikov.

arxiv.org. Computer Science. Cornell University, 2019. No. 1910.08744.

International Conference "Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations Research"

10th International Conference on Network Analysis

XII Summer School on Operations Research, Data, and Decision Making

Congratulations to all laboratory employees on the upcoming New Year!

Scientific advisor of the laboratory, Professor Pardalos, was awarded a Humboldt FoundationPrize

Congratulations to the research assistant of the laboratory Anastasia Sokolova with the victory in the competition of NIRS

Congratulations to the young staff of the laboratory under the leadership of the leading research fellow Dmitry Malyshev with the victory in the RFBR competition “stability”

Illustration for news: Professor Pardalos was awarded the medal of "Recognition" of the HSE

Professor Pardalos was awarded the medal of "Recognition" of the HSE

Lab staff won a RFFI grant

Employees of the laboratory were awarded for the 25th anniversary of the HSE