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Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Networks Analysis (Nizhny Novgorod)

9th International Conference, AIST 2020, Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia, October 15–16, 2020, Revised Selected Papers

Edited by: W. M. van der Aalst, V. Batagelj, D. I. Ignatov et al.

Vol. 12602. Springer, 2021.

Trees with a given number of leaves and the maximal number of maximum independent sets

Taletskii D., Malyshev D.

Discrete Mathematics and Applications. 2021. Vol. 31. No. 2. P. 135-144.

Book chapter
Uncertainty of Efficient Frontier in Portfolio Optimization

Kalyagin V. A., Slashchinin S.

In bk.: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Learning and Intelligent Optimization, 14th International Conference on Learning and Intelligent Optimization (LION 2020). Vol. 12096: 14th International Conference, LION 14, Athens, Greece, May 24–28, 2020, Revised Selected Papers. Switzerland: Springer, 2020. P. 371-376.

Working paper
Comparison of statistical procedures for Gaussian graphical model selection

Grechikhin I.

Cornell University Library, 2017

30 December, New Year's seminar of the laboratory

5th Winter School on Data Analytics

International Conference "Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations Research"

10th International Conference on Network Analysis

XII Summer School on Operations Research, Data, and Decision Making

Congratulations to all laboratory employees on the upcoming New Year!

Scientific advisor of the laboratory, Professor Pardalos, was awarded a Humboldt FoundationPrize

Congratulations to the research assistant of the laboratory Anastasia Sokolova with the victory in the competition of NIRS

Congratulations to the young staff of the laboratory under the leadership of the leading research fellow Dmitry Malyshev with the victory in the RFBR competition “stability”

Illustration for news: Professor Pardalos was awarded the medal of "Recognition" of the HSE

Professor Pardalos was awarded the medal of "Recognition" of the HSE