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The laboratory LATNA has bought books for the HSE – NN library

The books are available in the reading room of the library and in the laboratory.

The books are available   in the reading room of the library and in the laboratory.

The laboratory LATNA”  has bought  a huge number of   modern books for the library  of  HSE Branch in Nizhniy Novgorod, which are devoted to the analysis of complex networks, discrete optimization analysis of complex networks, optimization in economic systems, neurobiology, communication networks, and books on statistical methods in different applications.


The most interesting are:

  • Fuzzy Systems in Management, Economy and Marketing, coeditors: K. Zopounidis, P.M. Pardalos, and G. Baourakis, World Scientific, (2001).
  • Optimization in Medicine, coeditors: C. Alves, P.M. Pardalos, and L. Vicente, Springer, (2008).
  • Advances in Modeling Agricultural Systems, coeditors: Papajorgji, Petraq J.; Pardalos, Panos M., Springer, (2009).
  • Boolean Functions: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications by Yves Crama and Peter L. Hammer (2011)
  • Multichannel Optical Networks: Theory and Practice, coeditors: PengJunWan, DingZhu Du, and Panos M. Pardalos, DIMACS Series Vol. 46, American Mathematical Society, (1998).
  • Data Mining and Mathematical Programming, coeditors: P.M. Pardalos and P. Hansen, CRM vol 45, American Mathematical Society, (2008).
  • Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Economics, coeditors: Bjorndal, E.; Bjorndal, M.; Pardalos, P.M.; Ronnqvist, M., Springer, (2010).
  • Optimization and Logistics Challenges in the Enterprise, coeditors: W. Chaovalitwongse, K.C. Furman, and P.M. Pardalos, Springer, (2009).
  • Optimization in the Energy Industry, coeditors: J. Kallrath, P.M. Pardalos, S. Rebennack, and M. Scheidt, Springer, (2009).
  • Dynamics of Information Systems, coeditors: Hirsch, M.J., Pardalos, P.M., Murphey, R. Springer, (2010).
  • Handbook of Power Systems I,II coeditors: Rebennack, S.; Pardalos, P.M.; Pereira, M.V.F.; Iliadis, N.A., Springer, (2010).
  • Optimal Strategies in Sports Economics and Management, coeditors: Butenko, Sergiy; GilLafuente, Jaime; Pardalos, Panos M., Springer, (2010).
  • Encyclopaedia of Optimization, coeditors: C.A. Floudas and P. M. Pardalos, Kluwer Academic Publishers (6 Volumes), (2001).
  • Supply Chain and Finance, coeditors: P.M. Pardalos, A. Migdalas, and G. Baourakis, World Scientific, (2004).
  • Economics, Management, and Optimization in Sports, coeditors: S. Butenko, J. GilLafuente, and P.M. Pardalos, Springer (2004).
  • Data Mining in Agriculture, coauthors: Antonio Mucherino, Petraq J. Papajorgji and Panos M. Pardalos, Springer, (2009).
  • Sutter Herb. C++ Coding Standards : 101 Rules, Guidelines, and Best Practices (C++ in Depth Series), (2004)
  • Stuart. Kendall's Advanced Theory of Statistics, Volume 1: Distribution Theory [Hardcover], (1994)


The books are available in the reading room of the library of  HSE Branch in Nizhniy Novgorod and in the laboratory  (Rodionova Street, 139, room 406).