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Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision
Master’s Programme

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

2 years
eLearning programme
Instruction in English

What`s the future of the program without Coursera ?

Will I be able to apply if I am a foreigner/I am abroad?

Will the price changed. How I can pay?



The Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision at HSE University is a fully online degree programme designed for online study. 

The programme aims to provide an opportunity for a wide range of professionals to become more fully immersed in a modern, dynamic field and to learn from leading experts at companies such as Intel, Huawei, Xperience.ai, RoundU, SBERLAB, AIRI, as well as from HSE scholars who are involved in advanced research in the field of computer vision.


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Who should consider this programme

Recent graduates and other professionals with an interest in

  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • data science
  • code
  • brain patterns
  • algorithms

Students, who hold a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Engineering, IT, Computer Science and other relevant fields, are encouraged to apply to the programme.

Benefits of the programme

  • opportunity to study online
  • 24/7 support for our students
  • real work and projects aimed at solving problems and developing innovations
  • professional environment and student community

Career opportunities

The knowledge and skills gained during the master's programme will prepare you to pursue a career with Russian or international companies that demand professionals with the ability to work on complex tasks using a wide range of modern technologies and who are able to demonstrate a high degree of adaptation to the new professional environment.

Graduates of the programme have pursued positions such as

  • Computer Vision Software Engineer,
  • Perception Engineer,
  • 3D Perception/Computer Vision Algorithm Engineer,
  • Computer Vision Testing Engineer,
  • Computer Vision Scientist.

In addition, graduates have gone on to complete advanced study and pursue academic careers.

How to apply

The programme is open to students trained to work as engineers, programmers, IT specialists, developers, and experts in computing and applied mathematics.

a bachelor's degree
or the equivalent

Python and C++ skills

entrance exams in both Mathematics and Computer Science that are conducted in English

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During your studies

Program combines both synchronous and asynchronous activities.

You will study 16 courses per 2 years, 2 courses in parallel per module.

 In order to successfully complete the programme, students must earn 120 ECTS credits. Successful graduates will receive a Master’s degree in Computer vision from HSE University.


  • Asynchronous studying the courses in your comfortable schedule (20 -30 hours a week)
  • Foundational courses in mathematics and information technology
  • A professional block containing a modern theoretical and instrumental base in the field of computer vision and focused on the study of theoretical approaches and means of solving applied problems arising in professional activity


Interactive projects

  • Synchronous ZOOM webinars with groupmates and teachers, 6 per module.
  • Synchronous ZOOM consultations with teachers, every week.
  • A project block that allows students to test in practice all the knowledge gained in the professional block through applied projects provided by partner companies


Final project

  • A large final project that allows students to demonstrate the entire range of knowledge (both theoretical and practical) acquired during their studies


Program experts

Andrey Savchenko

Full HSE Professor, Leading research Fellow in International Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Network Analysis. MCV Academic supervisor.

Anna Petrovicheva

CEO Experience.ai, a company delivering deep learning and computer vision solutions. Previously she developed data analytics software at Intel

Batsyn Mikhail

Leading research fellow in HSE. Academic supervisor of master program: Data Mining. MCV lecturer.

Valerii Kalyagin

Full HSE Professor. Head of the International laboratory of algorithms and technologies for network analysis. MCV lecturer.

Alexander Rassadin

Leading computer vision developer, Round.U. MCV lecturer.

Maxim Kazakov

Development project leader at Huawei. MCV lecturer.

Price for the 2022 - 2023 year of study

Full price  - 1 320 000 RUBS ( 660 000 RUBS per year)

Price per semester - 330 000 RUBS

We provide discounts up to 50% and up to 6 instalments. Please find out information about discount policy.

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Developments in the field of artificial intelligence are gradually taking over the world. AI has the potential to bring incredible benefits to the global economy and our quality of life, but it also creates new challenges. Panos Pardalos, Professor at the University of Florida, Academic Supervisor of the Laboratory of Algorithms and Technologies for Networks Analysis (Nizhny Novgorod), covered these issues, along with other related topics, in his recent report.
May 13
The English-language programme of HSE Online ‘Master of Computer Vision’ will change its name to ‘Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision’ in 2024. Andrey Savchenko, the programme academic supervisor, shares how the new name will affect the programme semantics, why AI has become the main federal trend in the field of information technology, and what tasks graduates will solve.
December 27, 2023
Till December 20, 2023 HSE students will have an opportunity to assess the quality of their teachers’ work.
December 01, 2023
Second-year students of the Master of Computer Vision programme have presented their projects in this cutting-edge field in AI. The committee included representatives of the programme’s partners from Huawei, YADRO and SBERLAB, as well as Valery Cherepennikov, IT advisor to the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region.
February 20, 2023
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