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Regular version of the site

How to Apply

Next admission campaign will start in April 2023

Step 1. Submit the application form

Registration for Russian applicants

Registration for foreign applicants

- To get access to your account you need to fill out “Get login and password form”. Approximately in an hour, you will receive login and password to sign in. Fill out and submit your application from 

- Pay your attention that you need to choose exactly "Master of Computer Vision" program Niznii Novgorod campus! Otherwise, we won't get your application!

Step 2. Entrance examination

Choose exam date

You will pass exam ONLINE.

Exam paper includes 3 mathematics tasks and 1 programming.

Successful result is 31/100 and above points.

Please find examples of exam paper and solutions here -  "Entrance exam"

Step 3. Complete your application

After passing the entrance exam:

1. MCV program will update  your status - RECOMMENDED FOR ENROLMENT

2. You need to accept OFFER TO ADMISSION section in you personal account

3. RECOGNITION slot will be opened then. *You need to upload your degree documents with legalisation.  

4. After, all these documents will be available in your personal account or MCV manager will send you set of document to sign.

Step 4. Attach the scans of the signed documents

- Attach the scans of the signed documents to section “Other achievements” in personal account

Step 5. Send documents

- Please, send signed  hard copies of your signed documents and  documents confirmed educational degree to:


Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

HSE University

25/12 Bolshaya Pecherskaya Ulitsa

Online Master of Computer Vision