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Стажировка при консорциуме ЭЛИС в г. Риме

30го декабря заканчивается прием резюме для участия в стажировке при консорциуме ЭЛИС в г. Риме.

Junior Consulting – 30^ edition

The selection procedure for the 30 edition of Junior Consulting Programme, an initiative in partnership with Consorzio ELIS enterprises starts since February, 6 2017. It is aimed to pre-graduate students in  Business Informatics of Higher School of Economics, Nizhni Novgorod.

                 Partecipating to the iniziative You’ll have the opportunity to integrate a concrete challenge on an innovative business project with a behaviourial and projectual excellence in-class education process. Working in a team following an object-oriented approach You will be called to deliver Your contribution to the projects in technological and business fields.

After the selection the winners will be assigned the grants.

 Business committers of the previous editions


     ·        Professional Competences Construction

·        Direct contacts with business committers of projectual activity

·        Meetings with Top Management of Consorzio ELIS

·        Professional Development track with a dedicated coach

·        Orientation track and preparation to enter into the business

·        The possibility to use the produced material for the graduation Thesis


 On June, 30 2017 the Career Day, when every student will get the opportunity to meet some of the enterprises below, will take place:


·        Graduating in Business Informatics

·        Age: < 28 years old

·        Good English skills 


·        Start: February 06, 2017

·        Duration: 5 months

·        Career Day: June 30, 2017 

For additional information visit http://www.juniorconsulting.it- Tel: 06.43.560.385