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International Laboratory of Dynamical Systems and Applications

On functional moduli of surface flows

V. Kruglov, O. Pochinka, G. Talanova.

Proceedings of the International Geometry Center. 2020. Vol. 13. No. 1. P. 49-60.

Working paper
Morse-Smale surfaced diffeomorphisms with orientable heteroclinic

Pochinka O., Morozov A.

math. arxive. Cornell University, 2019

The International Laboratory of Dynamic Systems and Applications was created as part of the Megagrant 220 project of the Government of the Russian Federation in December 2019. The laboratory's supervisor is Dmitry Turaev, a renowned specialist in the mathematical theory of dynamical systems.

The core of the team is a group of faculty members who are actively involved in the qualitative theory of dynamical systems and applications in the framework of the school of nonlinear oscillations created by academician A.A. Andronov. The Nizhny Novgorod school, which Dmitry Turaev belongs to, was and remains the leader in the theory of dynamical systems due to the unique combination of rigorous methods of topological and geometric analysis with applied research on nonlinear physical phenomena.

The main aims of the laboratory are to strengthen international relations and the prestige of the school, diversify and update research projects, organize effective cooperation between representatives of various disciplines, and support early career scientists.

Research of manifolds of Morse-Smale diffeomorphisms

About ongoing research.

Collaboration with the HSE MIEM

About ongoing research

Conference dedicated to Ch. Bonatti

Participation of laboratory staff in an international online conference

Workshop on the theory of singularities

About the report of O.V. Pochinka at the workshop on singularity theory of the Federal University of Ceará (Universidade Federal do Ceará, UFC), Fortaleza, Brazil.

Appeal of a mathematician (Associate Professor of the Higher School of Economics Ivan Remizov) to students and colleagues

The 'Aerobatics' competition in Nizhniy Novgorod campus

On February 4, 2020, the works of the first ever Nizhniy Novgorod HSE competition "Aerobatics" were defended.

The Laboratory DSA and Department of Fundamental Mathematics NRU HSE invite to the student workshop

The Department of Fundamental Mathematics of the Higher School of Economics and the International Laboratory of Dynamical Systems and Applications invite students who are interested in studying of various branches of mathematical science to participate in the student workshop “Mathematical Spring - 2020. Invitation to Dynamical Systems”.

Winning in Research Projects Competition

Congratulations to Associate Professor of the Department of Fundamental Mathematics Ivan Remizov and his team on their victory in the competition for research projects of scientific and educational groups in 2020!

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