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Recorded industrial webinars

Революция в сельском хозяйстве: Сила компьютерного зрения для улучшения и оптимизации скотоводства // Демочкина Полина // 10 августа 2023

Autonomous Driving: From Basics to Behavior Challenges by Aleksandr Petiushko // Nuro

Презентация к видео 

Autonomous Driving: From Basics to Behavior Challenges by Aleksandr Petiushko // Nuro (PDF, 4,97 Мб)


Распознавание лиц. Как работает и как ломается? //Huawei

"Diving into generative diffusion models" // SBER AI

Это стейк или помидор? Как компьютер видит еду?

Medical Imaging Group ongoing projects by Ilya Burenko / Sber AI Lab (2022, July 27)

CV in Medicine (PDF, 4,80 Мб)


Modern tasks of CV by Olga Razvenskaya /Huawei (2022, June 15)

PDF presentation (PDF, 1,71 Мб)


Modern Tasks and projects of CV by A.Savchenko (2022, March 3)

Presentation from the video (PPTX, 39,64 Мб)

Presentation PDF format (PDF, 4,70 Мб)



Top HR tips for a career in Computer Vision (22nd July, 2021)

In this webinar we discussed the following topics:

• What should you expect as a CV-engineer searching for a job?

• How to build a perfect resume and portfolio?

• Do beginners have the same opportunities as experienced professionals in this field?

Practical issue: How to prepare Data to solve computer vision problems. Xperience.AI team (24th April, 2021)

In this video Xperience.AI team presents and trains how to to prepare Data to solve computer vision and deep learning problems successfuly

Interview with successful graduates (22th Aprill, 2021)

Meet graduates of the Master's program in Data Mining, which is within the same HSE faculty as the MCV program. The alumni, who are currently building a career in the field of artificial intelligence and computer vision, share real stories of building a career in Russian and international companies, tell you what pitfalls can be expected and how to fully realize your potential

Sokolov Artem.presentation (PDF, 264 Кб)

Alexander Lyashuk.presentation (PDF, 513 Кб)

Ivan Grechihin. EPAM (PPTX, 1,99 Мб)

Useful links and resourses, mentioned at the webinar




Market place

We can also send webinar participants invites to the marketplace, so that everyone can try different models on their data and see what they are capable. Please send the request via email mcv@hse.ru

Program`s Partners (8th April, 2021)

In this webinar, the HSE University Master of Computer Vision team introduced engineers from Round.U (https://roundu.ai/​), Andrey Kolpakov and Alexander Rassadin, to talk about the many ways in which we come across computer vision in our everyday lives. They also provided tips for aspiring computer vision engineers and programmers.

Here is the link to download webinar`s presentation

«Modern tasks of computer vision» (5th February, 2021)

Webinar was devoted to the important features of “Master of Computer Vision” program.

It was mainly focused on those modern problems in the field of computer vision, which are currently being solved and which ones cause difficulties even with the use of modern tools from the point of experts of the leading world IT companies with real life use cases. (Xperience.AI company, RoundU company, Intel)

And within this context, our team presented what technologies and tools, existed for solving computer vision challenges, you will study at “Master of Computer Vision” program.

Among the main challenges, which every company and computer vision engineer face, were mentioned:

- using the artificial intelligence algorithms in image, video, body language recognition and analysis. The stages of creating such algorithms. (Anna Petrovicheva, CEO in Xperience.AI company)

- CV in sport analytics, medicine, industry, CV for social goods. (Alexander Rassadin, lead researcher in RoundU company)